Action Takers Publishing

Image by Jessica Ruscello
The Story of Action Takers Publishing...

Lynda Sunshine was hosting a Women Action Takers networking event and she also ran a business mastermind. Sally started attending the events and joined the weekly mastermind. 

Lynda Sunshine was in the process of publishing two collaboration books with her networking group and Sally joined both books. Lynda Sunshine was doing all the work by herself. Sally noticed she was a little stressed out. "Hey, I can help you with this if you want," Sally offered. Lynda gratefully accepted her help.  The two books were published 8 days apart and both of them became international bestselling books on Amazon.

Lynda Sunshine decided that publishing books was what she wanted to do as a business. She asked Sally if she wanted to be a business partner, and Sally agreed. They changed the name of their company to Action Takers Publishing and the rest is history.


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