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Even if you have never written a book before, our simple process lets you add your chapter in less than an hour. We walk you through the process, step by step, bringing your thoughts and vision to the book. The best part, when your book becomes a bestseller, you are now and will forever be a bestselling author. That is a status that opens doors!


"There is no greater agony than
bearing an untold story inside of you."
Maya Angelou


It's time to Step up & Speak out!

We want empowerment-inspired stories that will encourage others who are going through tough times--we need YOUR voice. 


There's something about tough times that brings out the best in people. When everything is going well, it's easy to stay comfortable and coast along. But when life throws you a curve ball, that's when you really see what you're made of.

If you have gone through a tough time and somehow found the courage to stand up and speak out, we want your story. Your story is powerful and sharing it will be impactful and will resonate with many readers. Many find healing in writing and helping others by sharing their challenges.


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Share your story of how your faith
has helped you overcome a challenge

A woman sat down at her desk and picked up a pen. She stared at the blank sheet of paper for a moment, then took a deep breath and began to write. 

She wrote about the day that her life changed forever. The day that she lost everything she loved and was left with nothing but pain and heartache. She wrote about how she had struggled to get through each day since then, barely holding on by a thread.

Then she wrote about the day that she finally found the courage to start fighting back. The day that she decided to take control of her life and start rebuilding herself from scratch.

Writing her story helped her heal; sharing her story inspired others going through similar situations... be that woman!

Share your story in "She Is An Overcomer"!! 

2000 words / $999

Let's Rise the Tide.jpg

Tell us your story about
encouraging and inspiring others.

We are looking for women and men with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you own your own business or work as a part-time entrepreneur, we want to hear about what drives and motivates you.

How do you help others? What is the most rewarding part of lifting people up? We want to know how your business has raised "the tide" with co-workers, customers, clients and others.

2000 words / $999

Autism book cover.jpg

What has your journey with Autism been like?

  • Describe your journey with autism.

  • What is the best thing about having an autistic family member? 

  • What is the worst thing about having an autistic family member? 

  • How has your life changed since they were diagnosed with autism? 

  • What advice would you give to parents of autistic children? 

  • Has your view of autism changed since the diagnosis?

  • What are some things that you've had to learn in order to deal with autism? 

  • What are some things that autism has made difficult for you and your family? 

  • How has autism made them unique?

  • What gifts have you discovered along the way? 


You're Invited to Join this Fabulous Book 

Life after 50 - It can be a turning point. A time to reflect on all you have accomplished – and all that you want to do. You are invited to join a collaboration book and write a chapter to share your journey with others.

So you start by writing about the milestones you have achieved – switching careers, discovering new hobbies, and so on. You write about how you have grown as a person, what you have learned, and the obstacles you have overcome.

Your chapter is empowering to others, and helps motivate them to pursue their own dreams. Here is that invitation .

Join Fabulous After 50 and share your story with the world!!!

2000 word chapter / $999


We want your story
about the work you love!


Is this you? 

"It's no secret that I love the work I do. I mean, who wouldn't love spending their days doing something they enjoy? Not to mention, it's incredibly fulfilling to know that I am making a difference in the world."

If so, we would love to hear your story!!

You may be employed, running a business, or earning a living with multiple streams of income from a side hustle or three! If you are working at a job or career that makes your heart sing - Join "The Joy Of Work" today and share your story and inspire others to find work they love and never work a day in their life.

2000 word chapter / $999

Healing Power.png

Your story is a powerful tool,
Share your story of healing today!

  • What has your journey into healing looked like?

  • In what ways have you empowered women to use their natural healing abilities to help others?​

  • Have you been broken, wounded or deeply hurt by life's circumstances and found a way to heal your heart and soul? What steps did you take?​

  • Where have you seen healing manifest itself in your life or the lives of those around you? ​

  •  What lessons have you learned while in the process of healing?​

  • Are there any particular women in your life that have a powerful healing presence? How have they influenced you?​

We want your story!!

2000 word chapter / $999

Embracing Cancer Cover.jpg

Share Your Story
in this powerful new book!

  • Describe your journey of being impacted by Cancer.

  • Did anyone encourage you?

  • What were the reactions of others?

  • How was your faith impacted?

  • What emotions were you dealing with?

  • How did it affect your life and your family?

  • What was the biggest obstacle you faced?

  • What went smoothly and easily?

  • What blessings did you discover along the way?

  • What would you share with others who are dealing with it.


We want your story!

2000 words / $999