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Are you a storyteller?

Have you poured your soul into a book or a multi-author book, only to find yourself unsure about how to share it with the world?


If you're quietly nodding yes, then it’s time to transform your journey from being an unrecognized author to becoming a recognized and influential voice in your field.


You might be thinking, “But marketing isn’t my strong suit.”


That's exactly why the Book Marketing Circle was created.


Whether you’re grappling with marketing basics or struggling to connect with your audience, this is your invitation to step into a circle of growth and learning, guided by experts who excel in making stories like yours heard and celebrated.

The Book Marketing Circle is your ticket to learning marketing and sales techniques that will get you seen, heard, and paid.

Are you ready for that?


Membership Details

Investment in your future: only $47/month

  • Start Date: August 1, 2024

  • Meeting Time: Every Thursday at
    8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern

Why the Book Marketing Circle?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of marketing your book?


You’re not alone. Many talented writers struggle to navigate the complex world of book promotions—yet marketing is the bridge that connects your story with readers who are waiting to be moved and inspired by your words.

Here’s why the Book Marketing Circle is indispensable for authors like you:

  1. Expert Guidance: Led by Lynda Sunshine West (30+ times #1 international bestselling author) and Sally Larkin Green (20+ times #1 international bestselling author), you gain access to top-tier marketing wisdom from leaders who have successfully launched and promoted countless books. They’re eager to tailor their strategies to fit your unique story.

  2. Skill Development: Transform from an unrecognized author to a marketing-savvy author. We demystify marketing, providing you with easy-to-understand, actionable steps that you can use to effectively promote your book.

  3. Community Support: Join a community of authors who are in the same boat. Share experiences, challenges, and victories. In the Book Marketing Circle, you’re never alone on your journey. Our community thrives on mutual support and shared growth.

  4. Increased Visibility: Learn how to make your book stand out in a crowded market. From social media strategies to email marketing, public speaking to network expansion, we cover all the bases to ensure your book gets the spotlight it deserves.

  5. Long-Term Benefits: The skills and networks you develop here go beyond just a single book. They are assets that will continue to serve you throughout your writing career, helping you to build a lasting legacy.


By joining the Book Marketing Circle, you’re not just investing in a service; you’re investing in your future as a successful author. Don’t let your story remain hidden. Let us help you share it with the world so you can be seen, be heard, and be paid!

Why join today!


In the fast-paced world of publishing, timing isn't just a factor—it's everything. Here's why now is the critical moment for you to step into the Book Marketing Circle:

  1. Immediate Impact: The sooner you master the art of marketing, the quicker you'll see results. Each day you delay is a missed opportunity for your book to reach potential readers and start generating sales and impact.

  2. Stay Ahead of Trends: The book market is constantly evolving, with new marketing tools and strategies emerging regularly. By joining now, you'll stay on the cutting edge, adopting the latest successful techniques that keep you competitive in a bustling market.

  3. Early Access to Expertise: You will have access to industry leaders like Lynda Sunshine West and Sally Larkin Green. Their insights are invaluable, offering you personalized guidance that is best received as early as possible to shape your marketing approach.

  4. Build Momentum: For any book launch or promotional campaign, momentum is key. Joining now allows you to build that momentum, creating a buzz as you implement learned strategies and engage with an enthusiastic community of fellow authors.

The perfect time to influence your book’s journey is now. Don’t watch from the sidelines as other authors capture the spotlight. Join the Book Marketing Circle today and turn your book into the success story it deserves to be.

Gain More Visibility

Many authors struggle to pinpoint their target audience, leading to ineffective marketing efforts and low engagement.

Learn how to identify and reach your ideal readers, ensuring your book gets in front of the right audience.

Get More Clients

You may not realize the full potential of your book as a business, thereby missing out on additional revenue streams and opportunities for growth.

Explore various ways to monetize your story beyond traditional sales, such as speaking engagements, workshops, and merchandise.

Increase Your Credibility

Many authors struggle to establish themselves as credible and the authority in their space.


This program teaches you how to position yourself as an expert and leverage your book to build a strong, credible brand.

Social Media Mastery

Authors often lack the knowledge to use social media effectively for book promotion, missing out on a significant marketing avenue.


Gain in-depth knowledge on leveraging social media platforms to boost your book's visibility and engagement.


Sign up before July 31, 2024, and receive a bonus chapter* in one of Action Takers Publishing's upcoming multi-author bestselling books (two books to choose from).


  • Book Option 1 - The Book I Read: Stories of Transformation, Volume 3 – $500 value!

  • Book Option 2 - They Said I Couldn't Do It; I Said "Watch Me" – $250 value

Book I Read v 3.png

Meet Your Coaches

At Action Takers Publishing, we believe that every author has a powerful story to tell and the potential to make a significant impact. Our mission is to empower 5 million women and men to share their stories with the world and make a greater impact on the planet.

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