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The Action Takers
Book Publishing Bundle

Unlock a world of opportunity with our

Buy One Get One offer!

Write a chapter in two of Action Takers Publishing's multi-author collaboration books and you'll receive $7,500 in Author Bonuses. Yes, you heard me right. $7,500 in bonuses.

* Cash in on this BOGO offer by February 14, 2023, and, in addition to the $7,500 bonus, you'll receive an additional bonus...

A chapter in our 

multi-author collaboration book...

Action Takers Who Get Shit Done!

That's literally 2 BOOKS PLUS A BONUS BOOK for the price of One
(if you sign up by February 14, 2023)!! 

Action Takers Publishing empowers writers to become published authors to make a greater impact on the planet and to be known as an expert in their field

Here’s a list of the books we have available for the BOGO Special
  • Embracing the Impact of Cancer: Inspirational Stories of Hope

  • Fearless Female Founders: The Journey to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur​

  • Let's Raise the Tide: The Freedom Builder's Manifesto

  • Master Manifestors: Using the Law of Attraction to create the Life You WANT to Live

  • Never Give Up: Stories of Perseverance

  • No-Problem Parenting: Resources and Stories That Create Confidence and Connection

  • WOW Warriors: Women of Worth Who Live Their Legacy


Take a Journey into Authorship!

It's time to become a Published Author so you can make a greater impact on the planet and be known as an expert in your field!

Books Open Doors!! If you're a business owner, speaker, or coach, having a book gives you authority in your space.


A book raises your visibility and helps you get on stages.


Having a book helps people find you and is a great conversation starter.  

You have experienced things that no one else has and can bring valuable insight and knowledge that only you have. People need to hear what you have gone through because there are so many lessons wrapped inside your story.


Writing is not only cathartic, but it is vital for creating something amazing for the world to learn from and be inspired by. Every turn, success, failure, lesson, challenge – these all make up your unique story that needs to be told and shared with others. What are you waiting for? 

We Gotcha Covered!! We have helped 228 writers get their stories told and become #1 International Bestselling Authors. 

BOGO: Buy One Get One Special Offer

Expires February 14, 2023

Give yourself the Gift of Authorship


Get Published ... TWICE!! Taking this journey is so much fun - once you've taken it once, you won't be able to resist wanting to do it again and again.


Writing a chapter in one of our multi-author collaboration books is an incredibly exciting opportunity! When you sign up, you will have the opportunity to write your story in not just one, but two books!!! Woot Woot!


You will get two chapters for the price of one!  

Writing an entire book may be daunting, but writing one chapter is doable! Our editing process ensures each chapter is of the highest quality! You'll be so proud you won't be able to keep quiet.

Being in a collaboration book connects you with like-minded individuals, gives you and your message more exposure, and gives you an opportunity to become a bestselling author.

Let's Work Together

This is your chance to become a published author in 2023!


Our multi-author collaboration books are the perfect place to start. You don’t need any experience – we will teach you everything you need to know. Choose your book titles now or later.

Imagine holding your own book in your hands. Being able to say “I am a published author.” It’s possible – with the Action Takers Publishing Book Bundle, it can be a reality.

If you've always had the desire to write and share your story with the world, all that's missing is a single action: take that first step towards making your dream of authorship come true!

Everyone has a unique, inspiring story to share.


Are you an expert in your field who wants to share your expertise and make a greater impact on the planet? Your tips, tricks, tools, techniques, and your special way of sharing your message will impact lives.

Have you faced challenges and come out on top? Your story will empower others who are going through what you went through.

Is there something that changed your life forever in an amazing way? Your story will guide someone into a changed life.

Let us help you bring your message into the world!

Sign up for this incredible opportunity
and make your writing dreams a reality.

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