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Imagine yourself as a bestselling author! 

Are you ready to share YOUR story?

Even if you have never written a book before, don't worry, we gotcha covered. We will walk you through the process, step by step, bringing your story and vision to the book. The best part? When your book becomes a bestseller, you are now and will forever be a bestselling author. That's a status that opens doors!  Here's what you'll get:

  • Become an expert in your field

  • Become a bestselling author

  • A 1:1 book marketing session with Founder and CEO and 39 times #1 international bestselling author, Lynda Sunshine West

  • Personal 1:1 coaching with the VP of Author Development and multiple times #1 international bestselling author, Sally Larkin Green

Want to become a published author? It's easier than you think. Let us help you create your story and get it into the world where it will make a greater impact on the planet. Our team of experienced professionals offers guidance so that by the end of this journey, your book will be a success!  If you're interested in being part of any of the books below, select "I'm In" to get started now OR select "Learn More" to schedule an author call, and let's get your story told!​


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WARNING: Joining a collaboration book will result in new opportunities, because books open doors!

DOUBLE WARNING: Joining a collaboration book is like opening a bag of potato chips, you can't stop at just one!

You have been warned...

Looking for Authors

Many Opportunities Available


Check out the books below and ask yourself,

"Which book titles resonate most with me?"

Book I Read v 3.png


Do you have a unique tale to tell,  a story of how a book you read dramatically altered the course of your life? Whether it was a novel that opened new worlds, a self-help book that offered a fresh perspective, or a biography that inspired a new path, your story of transformation has the power to transform others.

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Share your Story of Perseverance: Have you ever been told you couldn’t and then proved them wrong? We are seeking inspiring stories of resilience and determination for our upcoming multi-author book, "They Said I Couldn't Do It, I Said Watch Me!" This book aims to showcase real-life experiences where perseverance was key to overcoming great challenges. 

Anatomy of Abundance 2.png

Anatomy of Abundance, Volume 2
Patrina Wisdom

Building upon the success of "Anatomy of Abundance™ Volume One," Patrina Wisdom returns with an even more profound exploration of the intricate links between love, sex, and money. In this eagerly anticipated sequel, with your help we will dive deeper into the realms of abundance, spirituality, and personal transformation.

3D Transparent 02 (1).png

Choose Confidence: The Decision to Embrace Your Power

Molly Mahoney

This is unique opportunity to share your journey towards embracing confidence and how it transformed your life. Whether it’s recounting the hurdles you’ve overcome, the wisdom you’ve gained from mentors, or the strategies you developed to foster self-belief, your story can inspire and empower others.


Join us in creating a mosaic of powerful narratives that illustrate the undeniable impact of self-confidence in achieving personal and professional fulfillment.


Footsteps Around The World
Ewa Krempa

Are you a wanderer at heart with a tale that can inspire, move, and transform? 

We're gathering a vibrant community of adventurers, dreamers, and changemakers for our upcoming multi-author book, "Footsteps Around The World" This isn't just any travel anthology; it's a canvas for your most transformative experiences, a platform to share how your journeys have shaped you, healed you, challenged you, and propelled you toward your true purpose.​

The Entrepreneur's Manifesto

The Entrepreneurs Manifesto cover.png

Because we are looking for specific categories, you must apply

We're looking for business experts who want to help newbie entrepreneurs get started on the right foot. In addition to the book, we will create a course together. The goal is to help thousands of entrepreneurs get a good start on their journey of entrepreneurship.

Are you an expert that helps entrepreneurs? Do you fit one of these categories?

• Business Attorney / Contract Attorney

• Branding / Marketing Specialist

• Social Media Strategist

• SEO Strategist

• IT Professional

• Business Tax Person

• Banking Professional / Business Loan Specialist

• Business Coach

• Customer Acquisition and Retention

• Work-Life Balance Coach


The Power of the Moment: A Symphony of Love
Kimberly Lechnick & Lachelle Adkins

This collection will bring together powerful stories of healing through self-acceptance and the love of others. Each story will share moments where love—either given or received—made a life-changing impact.


From heartwarming stories of everyday kindness to insightful explorations into the psychological and neurobiological aspects of love, this book will show how simple acts and moments of connection can deeply heal and renew. Share your insights in the powerful book!


We are looking for stories of overcoming adversity through self-love to those moments of empathy and the love of others that ripple out to create profound change. 

Divorce Book Cover 1.png

The Other Side of Divorce

Mardi Winder-Adams

Have you transformed your divorce into a personal breakthrough?

Share your story in this powerful new book!


Do you have a story about turning the page on divorce, discovering positive changes and growth in its aftermath? Your journey could inspire and support others navigating similar challenges.

Quantum Manifestation Book cover.png

Quantum Manifestation

Do you use the Law of Attraction to create the life you want to live? Do you want to help other people do the same thing?


Then this book is a fit for you. We're looking for people who want to help others learn how to live a better life with the knowledge and practical skills of the Law of Attraction.

Spotlight on Speaking 3D Transparent 02 (1).png

Spotlight on Speaking

Do you speak on virtual and/or in-person stages? Do you help others learn how to take the stage to create success in their lives and business? We're looking for your message to the world to help more and more people take the stage.

Are you ready to write down all of your wisdom and knowledge and make it available to a larger audience? Then this is the book for you.

Time Hackers cover.png

Time Hackers Blueprint

Do you know how to hack time? Do you want to teach others how to make the most of their time?


Then this book is a fit for you.

We're looking for people who want to share their personal triumphs, tips, tools, and strategies for maximizing productivity.

WSW2 cover2.png

Wickedly Smart Women, Volume 2

Are you a woman who trusts her intuition and takes action on that intuition? Then this is the book for you. Your message is ready to be heard to make a greater impact on the planet.

After much success with "Wickedly Smart Women, Volume One," we're back with volume 2. Do you want to be part of this book?

Why a book?
The better question is, why a COLLABORATION book?
Here are some of the many reasons.

The Book I Read
Bestseller Badge International.png
Finding Your Purpose cover1.png
Bestseller Badge International.png
Do It Because You're Scared
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joy of work cover.png
Bestseller Badge International.png


Being associated with respected professionals in your field will enhance your reputation and establish you as an authority


Being part of a collaboration book will help you reach a wider audience and gain more visibility for your work


Participating in a collaboration book is more affordable than producing your own book and it provides significant marketing benefits


A collaboration book features multiple perspectives on a topic, providing readers diverse viewpoints and insights

Become a bestselling author by using our simple, time-tested bestseller book publishing expertise


Writing a full-length book on your own can be time-consuming, but contributing to a collaboration book allows you to share your expertise without the same level of time commitment


Separate yourself from the 97% who dream of publishing a book, and become one of the top 3% who actually achieves it


Collaboration books have flexible guidelines, allowing contributors to customize their chapters based on their individual strengths and interests


Collaboration books allow you to share your expertise while also learning from others and gaining new insights


Collaborating with other authors can lead to new connections and opportunities within your industry


Collaborating with other authors can provide motivation and accountability, helping you stay on track with writing goals


Participating in a collaboration book can challenge you to think outside of the box, explore new topics or styles of writing, and push yourself beyond your comfort zone for personal growth as an author

It's time to share your own personal story with others to inspire them, too. By writing your story and sharing your message, you will make a bigger impact on the world and make it a better place for everyone.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."
Maya Angelou

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