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Action Takers Who Get Shit Done: No More Excuses is our most recent anthology book where we are seeking co-authors to share one to three practical tips, techniques, and/or tools to help people take action, move forward, and get shit done in their personal and business lives. You write only one chapter (750 to 1,000 words) and we do the rest of the work. All of our books, to date, have become #1 International Bestselling books and we shoot for that with all of our books.
The areas of expertise we’re looking for are (if you want to write a chapter in more than area of expertise, you can purchase additional chapters)

   •    Health & Wellness: Mental, Spiritual, Physical, or Emotional
   •    Productivity/Time Management
   •    Relationships: Family, Friendships, Work, or Romantic
   •    Career, Work, Purpose: Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, or Job
   •    Finances, Money, Budgeting

What you get:

   •    Be part of a supportive community of people who Get Shit Done

   •    Become a bestselling author

   •    Be interviewed during the Launch day panel interview

   •    Join Action Takers Publishing's Community

   •    Help others by teaching them how to take action to live the life they truly want to live

Chapters due: November 30, 2022

Launch Day: January 31, 2023