Embracing the
Impact of Cancer

Stories of Hope

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Heather Carter

and Laura Sharp-Waites


Share Your Story
in this powerful new book!

  • Describe your journey of being impacted by Cancer.

  • Did anyone encourage you?

  • What were the reactions of others?

  • How was your faith impacted?

  • What emotions were you dealing with?

  • How did it affect your life and your family?

  • What was the biggest obstacle you faced?

  • What went smoothly and easily?

  • What blessings did you discover along the way?

  • What would you share with others who are dealing with it.


We want your story!

You're invited to take part in an exciting book writing project. By writing a chapter in this collaborative book, you will have the opportunity to express your creativity and share your unique ideas with a wide audience. Additionally, by being a member of the Action Takers Publishing community, you will be able to connect with other like-minded women, exchange feedback and support, and share your story with the world. With these amazing benefits and so much more, why wait any longer?


Join today and start writing your chapter!

We can't wait to read what you have to say.

  • Share your story in a 2000-word chapter

  • Submit a 250-word bio with headshot

  • Your chapter will be professionally proofread and edited

  • Be part of the book launch party

  • Marketing materials provided

  • Receive 10 paperback copies of the book

  • Be part of the Action Takers community



  • Interview opportunities on podcasts/talk shows

  • Exclusive opportunity to participate in our bi-annual summits

  • Referral bonuses when you refer your friends

  • Assistance updating/creating your Amazon Author Page

  • Monthly Author collaboration meetings (meet authors from all of the Action Takers Publishing books)

  • 20-min book marketing call with the founder and CEO of Action Takers Publishing, Lynda Sunshine West

  • 20-min call with the Creative Director of Action Takers Publishing, Sally Green, to organize your chapter

Did you know that ...

Writing your Story

helps you heal and grow.

Writing for a Collaboration Book

is an opportunity that will open doors.

Sharing your Story

empowers others who are struggling with similar circumstances.

Selling or giving away a book

helps to strengthen your message and makes you an authority in your space.

Investing in Yourself

makes a big impact on your future.