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A note from Lynda Sunshine ...

If you've never been interviewed before, you may be a little nervous about it. I get it. While I've been interviewed hundreds of times and have interviewed thousands of people, my first interview sticks in my mind because I was a nervous wreck.


But I made it through it and I'm here to tell you that this first step will lead to something you don't even know is on the horizon for you.


I gotchoo. I've interviewed people from all walks of life, including stars on the red carpet and even the President of Mexico (yes, the country) in his Presidential Suite.


Your fear today will be gone tomorrow, but you gotta face that fear first in order to get through it.


Sign up today and let's share your story with the world.


Lynda Sunshine West

Founder & CEO, Action Takers Publishing

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Whitnie Wiley

Join Whitnie Wiley on Launch day!!

September 20, 2022

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Marilen Crump

Join Marilen Crump on her Dream Success platform.

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Bridgetti Lim Banda
BLive Media

Join Talk Show Host Bridgetti Lim Banda - Bridgetti has opened up 3 slots and will interview 4 authors on each 1-hour show. 

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