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"Bold Risks, Big Rewards: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Massive Success" is an invitation to embark on a journey of transformation, highlighting the achievements that come from embracing calculated risk-taking.


This book aims to inspire readers to push past the familiar confines of their comfort zones, adopting a bold and fearless mindset that can catapult them to new heights of success.


Your chapter will be an essential element of this journey, encouraging readers to challenge themselves and explore the vast potential that lies just beyond the edge of safety. We're seeking a story that captures the essence of risk-taking through your unique lens, structured around  any of the following key points:

  • The Moment of Decision: Share the story behind your choice to embrace risk. What compelled you to step into the unknown? Share the circumstances, motivations, and stakes involved, offering readers a glimpse into the catalyst for your journey.
  • The Risk in Action: Take the readers on a journey and share the path you travelled, marked by challenges and uncertainties. Describe how you confronted and navigated through obstacles, revealing the resilience and strategies that propelled you forward.
  • The Reward: Reflect on the fruits of your venture. How did taking this risk transform your life, career, or worldview? Discuss the lessons learned and the impact of your choices, providing an account of the positive outcomes realized.
  • Reflections and Advice: Share your pearls of wisdom for those on the cusp of their risk-taking journey. What insights can you offer from your experience to guide and inspire others contemplating their own leaps of faith?

"Bold Risks, Big Rewards" serves as more than just a testament to the power of risk-taking; it offers practical strategies, real-world examples, and thought-provoking insights into navigating the journey to massive success.


Your story will serve as a beacon of hope for readers, demonstrating the levels of achievement that can be reached by stepping out of one's comfort zone.


This project is a collective effort to empower and inspire, bringing together the stories of individuals who have dared to dream big and take bold risks.


With a 1500-word chapter and a 225-word bio, you'll join a group of action takers committed to making a significant impact.


Action Takers Publishing is dedicated to sharing your unique message with the world.


Don't let this chance to be a part of "Bold Risks, Big Rewards" pass you by. Start writing your story today, and let's inspire a wave of courageous action takers ready to unlock their greatest triumphs.

Bold Risks Big Rewards

  • Author Collaboration Agreement

    *By making your payment, you agree to the terms and conditions as set forth in the Author Collaboration Agreement.


  • Here's what you get ...

    **Share your story in a 1500-word chapter

    **Submit a 225-word bio with a headshot

    **Your chapter will be professionally proofread and edited

    **Be part of the book launch party

    **Marketing materials are provided

    **Be part of the Action Takers community


    **Interview opportunities on podcasts/talk shows

    **Discounted author copies of the book

    **Referral bonuses when you refer your friends

    **Assistance updating / creating your Amazon Author Page

    **Monthly Author collaboration meetings (meet authors from all of the Action Takers Publishing books)

    **30-min marketing strategy call with CEO & Founder of Action Takers Publishing, Lynda Sunshine West, to talk about how to leverage the book

    **30-min call with the VP of Author Development at Action Takers Publishing, Sally Green, to organize your chapter

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