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Welcome to "The Book I Read - Volume 3" This book is more than just a collection of stories; it's a celebration of life-changing moments sparked by a single, powerful experience: reading a book.


Do you have a unique tale to tell,  a story of how a book you read dramatically altered the course of your life? Whether it was a novel that opened new worlds, a self-help book that offered a fresh perspective, or a biography that inspired a new path, your story of transformation has the power to transform others.



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We're interested in your journey, structured around any these pivotal elements:

  • The Discovery: Begin with the story of how you encountered the book that changed your life. What drew you to it, and what was happening in your life at the time?
  • The Transformation: Dive into the heart of your transformation. How did the book's content, themes, or messages resonate with you and initiate a shift? Describe the moments of realization, the feelings it evoked, and the internal process that led to change.
  • The Impact: Share the tangible effects of this transformation on your life, career, relationships, or worldview. How did the insights gained from this book influence your decisions, actions, and future path?
  • Reflections and Insights: Share the broader implications of your experience. What advice would you give to others about the potential for books to change lives? How has this experience shaped your relationship with reading and personal growth?


"The Book I Read" is an opportunity for those who have a story of transformation to share the chance to become a published, bestselling author. Joining our community of authors means investing in your dream and in the message you want to share with the world.


It's time to share your story with the world to make a greater impact on the planet. Be one of the many inspiring women and men who are taking part in this amazing project! All you need to do is write one chapter and let Action Takers Publishing do the rest of the work.


We are committed to helping you share your unique message with the world. So don’t wait any longer – let's start writing your story today! 


1000 words / 225-word bio

The Book I Read: Volume 3

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  • Here's what you get ...

    **Share your story in a 1000-word chapter

    **Submit a 225-word bio with a headshot

    **Your chapter will be professionally proofread and edited

    **Be part of the book launch party

    **Marketing materials are provided

    **Be part of the Action Takers community


    **Interview opportunities on podcasts/talk shows

    **Discounted author copies of the book

    **Referral bonuses when you refer your friends

    **Assistance updating / creating your Amazon Author Page

    **Monthly Author collaboration meetings (meet authors from all of the Action Takers Publishing books)

    **30-min marketing strategy call with CEO & Founder of Action Takers Publishing, Lynda Sunshine West, to talk about how to leverage the book

    **30-min call with the VP of Author Development at Action Takers Publishing, Sally Green, to organize your chapter

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