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125 Stories of Perseverance: Have you ever been told you couldn’t and then proved them wrong? We are seeking inspiring stories of resilience and determination for our upcoming multi-author book, "They Said I Couldn't Do It, I Said Watch Me!" This book aims to showcase real-life experiences where perseverance was key to overcoming great challenges.


We believe every struggle has a story and every victory deserves a voice. Whether you’ve conquered personal adversity, fought back from financial hardship, or overcome health obstacles, your story can offer hope and motivation to others.


Join us in creating a powerful collection that celebrates the unyielding human spirit. Sign up today and be a part of something truly inspirational!

They Said I Couldn't Do It, I Said Watch Me!

  • Author Collaboration Agreement

    *By making your payment, you agree to the terms and conditions as set forth in the Author Collaboration Agreement.


  • Here's what you get ...

    **Share your story in a 500-word chapter

    **Submit a 25-word bio with a headshot

    **Your chapter will be professionally proofread and edited

    **Be part of the book launch party

    **Marketing materials are provided

    **Be part of the Action Takers community



    **Interview opportunities on podcasts/talk shows

    **Discounted author copies of the book

    **Referral bonuses when you refer your friends

    **Assistance updating / creating your Amazon Author Page

    **Twice Monthly Author collaboration meetings (meet authors from all of the Action Takers Publishing books)

    **30-min marketing strategy call with CEO & Founder of Action Takers Publishing, Lynda Sunshine West, to talk about how to leverage the book

    **30-min call with the VP of Author Development at Action Takers Publishing, Sally Green, to organize your chapter

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