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Angel B Hartwell

Anjel Hartwell Heasdhot 2.jpg

Change Your Name, Change Your Life

Ever wonder whether there was a SIMPLE way to figure out whether or not to engage the services of a coach, trainer, consultant or mentor to help you with your personal or business development?  Well now there is!  Discover the 6 Simple Steps to Attune To Attract a Magical Mentor in this brief report from The Wealthy Life Mentor Anjel B Hartwell

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Value: $Priceless

Karen L Rudolf

Karen L Rudolf Headshot 2.jpg

Before I Lived, I Died

a Seemingly Thousand Deaths!

5 Ways to Create A Ripple PDF book

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Value $10

Batoul Ajlouni

Batoul Ajlouni Headshot 2.JPG

The Choices We Make

A free Consultation Session: Take action to stop your work burnout now!

A free consultation session with post-burnout thriver, Batoul Ajlouni, to help you figure out your work burnout situation, and get you started on your path to recovery and self-discovery. Claim your free session now and find out how you can win our life back!

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Value $197

Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson - Headshot 1.jpg

The Dirty Little Secret of San Luis Obispo County

City Council 101 - Insider's Guide for New Council Members will fast-track your service as an ethical, effective representative, whether an elected office or on a board, new to the role or already in office. After reading it you will:

  • Hit the ground running

  • Assume your role like a pro

  • Contribute in meetings with confidence

  • Navigate the rules of engagement

  • Exercise responsible oversight

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Value $10

Kathi Sohn

Kathi Sohn Headshot 2.JPG

Wounded Healer

Download your free copy of "Four Common Types of Pain and Tension, with Associated Vows."

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Value $35

Sally Green

Sally Pointing.jpg

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Step into an inspiring 30 minutes with Sally Green, the Self-Care Rockstar. Discover how a fresh outlook on self-care is your key to jumpstarting creativity and learn how writing can be a powerful tool in managing your mental health and open up exciting opportunities. 

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Value $150

Lynda Sunshine West


Faith. Erases. Anxious. Reactions.

Ready to write YOUR own book? Then hop on a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one call with CEO & Founder of Action Takers Publishing, Lynda Sunshine West, to flesh out your book idea.



$275 value

Stacie Shifflett

Stacie Shifflett headshot 1.jpg

Whispers of the Soul WHISPER OF THE SOUL

Download a FREE copy of my guide, Two Keys to Increase Happiness and Peace of Mind, to profoundly change your life and start you on the path to inner peace and happiness.

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Value $10

Dr. Bee Thomas

Dr. Bee Thomas - Headshot 2.JPG

Intuition: The True God Particle 

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call so you can break free from the shackles that have been holding you back for so long and get the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

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Value $2082

Debra Stangl

Debra Stangl - Headshot 2.jpg

I Trusted, I Made the Leap, $50,000 Fell Out of the Sky, I Found My Life’s Work and the Man of My Dreams.

Free eBook of "The Journey to Happy -- How Embracing the Concept of Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life" plus "The Journey to Happy" Video Course


Value $497


Linley Baker

Linley Baker headshot 1.jpg

Trust Your Intuition to Reach Your Life Dreams!

Journey to Your Dreams:

10 tips to help you reach your dreams
For example, keep going when the going gets tough, releasing fear, et cetera

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Value $30

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