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Become a Wall Street Journal or
USA Today Bestselling Author.

Have you mastered channeling your wisdom
to create wealth and change the world?

You are specially invited to share your story in our upcoming book, Inspiring the Shift: 17 Wickedly Smart Ways to Channel Wisdom, Create Wealth, and Change the World.

Anjel B Hartwell, host of the 8 time award-winning Wickedly Smart Women podcast, is inviting you to be part of this upcoming multi-author collaboration book where all of the authors are guaranteed to become a Wall Street Journal or USA Today Bestseller Author.

How do you like the sound of that?

This is a great opportunity to get your story into the world to make a greater impact on the planet while also becoming a USA Today or Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author!


This book will feature some of the best and brightest women and men sharing their stories about channeling wisdom, creating wealth, and changing the world, and we invite you to be part of it.

Also, it's a unique opportunity to showcase your talents and connect with other like-minded wickedly smart women and men who are changing the world.


Take advantage of this opportunity and join us as a contributing  author in this book.

Wondering if this book is a right fit for you?

Schedule a complimentary one-on-one call with
Lynda Sunshine West
Founder & CEO of Action Takers Publishing

Did you know that ...

Writing your story

helps you heal and grow

Sharing your story

empowers others who are struggling with similar circumstances

Investing in yourself

makes a big impact on your future

Writing your story in a collaboration book

is an opportunity that opens doors

Selling or giving away a book

strengthens your message and makes you an authority in your space