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Leap Into Yes!

Ready for $uccess?

Be Seen

Be Heard

Be Paid

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Are you ready to get your message out to more people?

Join the Leap Into Yes Mastermind

If you're ready to transform your goals into achievements with expert guidance ... you need to join the Leap Into Yes Mastermind.

If you're seeking a community that supports your growth and challenges you to excel ... you need to join the Leap Into Yes Mastermind.

If you want tools, tips and strategies from uplifting, positive entrepreneurs ... you need to join the Leap Into Yes Mastermind.

If you desire a safe space to explore new possibilities and innovative approaches ... you need to join the Leap Into Yes Mastermind.

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Take the LEAP!

The Leap Into Yes Mastermind is for those who value collaboration over competition. It offers a unique environment where you can learn from the successes and challenges of others while contributing your own insights. More importantly, it's a place where you can develop lasting relationships that support personal and professional growth, ensuring you're not just achieving your goals but surpassing them with confidence and a supportive community behind you.

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Opportunity Chair

Take your turn in the hot seat, where your business challenges meet group brainstorming and expert advice.

Strategies & Resources

Gain access to cutting-edge tools and resources that keep you one step ahead in your business.

Guest Speakers

Learn directly from leaders and innovators across various industries bringing you the latest successful strategies and insights.

Your Hosts:

  • Lynda Sunshine West, CEO of Action Takers Publishing

  • Whitnie Wiley, CEO of Shifting Into Action

  • Sally Larkin Green, Author and VP at Action Takers Publishing

Join Lynda Sunshine, Whitnie, and Sally in transforming not just your business, but your life. It’s time to say yes to growth, yes to community, and yes to lasting success.

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Who is Lynda Sunshine West ...


Who is Whitnie Wiley ...

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Who is Sally Larkin Green ...

What you get

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