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Lynda Sunshine West

In a world filled with fear and self-doubt, "Do It BECAUSE You're Scared" is a beacon of hope and empowerment. Lynda Sunshine West, renowned author and fearless advocate, takes you on an unforgettable journey to break free from the chains of fear and unlock your extraordinary potential.


Lynda Sunshine shares her personal experiences of overcoming deep-rooted fears and transforming her life. Drawing from her proprietary 7-step framework for breaking through fear every time, Lynda Sunshine provides you with a roadmap to conquer your fears and achieve fearless breakthroughs.


"Do It BECAUSE You're Scared" goes beyond theory, offering practical tools and actionable steps to help you unleash your inner drive and create a life filled with purpose and success. It's a book that will inspire you to trust your intuition, follow your dreams, and embrace the journey of self-discovery.


Are you ready to step into the arena of fearless living? Let Lynda Sunshine's guidance, inspiration, and unwavering support be your companion as you embark on a transformative journey toward a life of fulfillment, authenticity, and joy.

Do It Because You're Scared


"I truly believe that every single one of us has a purpose and once we figure out our purpose, it’s our job and duty to live the rest of our lives on purpose rather than on accident."



She ran away at 5 years old and was gone an entire week, came home riddled with fears and, in turn, became a people-pleaser. At age 51, she decided to break through one fear every day for a year and, in doing so, she gained an exorbitant amount of confidence to share her story. Her mission is to empower 5 million women and men to write their stories to make a greater impact on the planet. Lynda Sunshine West is the Founder and CEO of Action Takers Publishing, a Speaker, 28 Time #1 International Bestselling Author, Contributing Writer at Entrepreneur Magazine and Brainz Magazine, Executive Film Producer, and Red Carpet Interviewer.

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