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Notebook and Pen

1. Make a commitment to join one of our books

Join our team of authors and begin your journey to authorship.

2. Join our Facebook Community of Action Takers

 Join our "Authors Helping Authors" Facebook Community.

3. Write your chapter and bio

Write your story about how you overcame the odds and reached where you are today. Write a short 225-word bio to be included in the book. 

4. Fill out the information form with your chapter, bio, and a high-resolution headshot. This must be a picture of ONLY YOU!

Submit the final version of your chapter and include your bio which will be added to the book and our media pages. You may submit additional lifestyle photos to be used in marketing. (Optional) 

5. Sign the Author Collaboration Agreement

6. Your chapter is proofread and edited

Your chapter will be professionally proofread and edited for your approval.  You will receive the final edited chapter for review. 

7. Sit back and relax while we do everything else.
We make this process Fast, Fun and Easy!


8. The book gets published with your chapter

Once all the chapters are approved, your chapter gets added to the book and the book gets released for publication. We will announce the book's launch date and schedule launch day interviews. 


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