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Lynda Sunshine West

Bestseller Book Publishing Expert, Speaker, Multiple Time #1 International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Red Carpet Interviewer, and Philanthropist


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Lynda Sunshine West

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She ran away at 5 years old and was gone an entire week. She came home riddled with fears and, in turn, became a people-pleaser. At age 51, she decided to face one fear every day for an entire year. In doing so, she gained an exorbitant amount of confidence and now uses what she learned to fulfill her mission of empowering 5 million women and men to write their stories to make a greater impact on the planet. Lynda Sunshine West is the Founder and CEO of Action Takers Publishing, a Speaker, 22 Time #1 International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Executive Contributing Author at Brainz Magazine, Executive Film Producer, and Red Carpet Interviewer.

She believes in cooperation and collaboration and loves connecting with like-minded people.

Having grown up in a volatile, physically, mentally and verbally abusive alcoholic household and marrying someone just like her dad, Lynda’s voice was stifled far too long. It left her feeling suppressed, ignored, and judged, which made her shut down.

At the age of 51, she found a life coach who helped her discover that she has value and that it was time for her to share her voice and speak out loud. In doing so, she was met with praise, recognition, and acknowledgment.

Lynda Sunshine no longer sits in the back of the room, but now speaks on stages, interviews stars on the red carpet, makes tv and podcast appearances, publishes books, and creates positive and uplifting communities for her clients.

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