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Are you tired of losing potential customers because they leave your website without taking any action?


It's time to give them a reason to stay and engage with your brand.


At our Landing Pages for Authors Workshop, you will create a customized landing page to showcase your free giveaway in just minutes. No design or coding skills required.


  • Convert more visitors into leads

  • Increase brand awareness and engagement

  • Boost your email list growth

  • Track and analyze your results

  • Easy to use and learn

What You Will Learn:

  • How to choose a template: Select from a variety of professional and eye-catching templates to suit your needs.

  • How to customize the template: Add your logo, change the colors, and customize the text to match your message.

  • How to add your giveaway details: Highlight the benefits of your giveaway and the terms and conditions.

  • How to add forms and integrations: Add forms to capture leads and integrate with your favorite email marketing platforms.

  • How to track results: Launch your page and start tracking your results with our built-in analytics.

Create your Free Giveaway Author Landing Page now and start converting visitors into leads today.

Creating an Author's Landing Page Workshop

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