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Watch the above informational video about how you can become a bestselling author in the upcoming book
Anatomy of Abundance

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You're Invited... take part in an exciting book writing project. By contributing a chapter in this collaborative book, you will have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and share your unique ideas with a wider audience. Additionally, by being a member of the Action Takers Publishing community, you will be able to connect with other like-minded women and men, exchange feedback and support, and impact readers around the world.


With these amazing benefits and so much more, why wait any longer?

Got Questions?

The curator, Patrina Wisdom, is available to answer your questions about the context of the book and to help you decide which chapter is the best fit for you. Every author will be vetted by Patrina and the selection process is dependent upon where you fit in the book. Watch the video above to see what most resonates with you.

The publisher, Lynda Sunshine West, is available to answer your questions and guide you through the registration process to join as an author.

What you get ... 

● Be part of the Action Takers Publishing Community

● Become a bestselling author

● Be part of the book promo party train

● Collaborate with like-minded authors

● 4,000-word chapter, 225-word bio, 5 paperback copies of the book, and marketing materials

● Become an authority in your space and/or enhance/expand brand recognition

● Share message to the world

● Amazon Author Page

● 30-minute 1:1 book marketing strategy call with Lynda Sunshine West

● Exclusive 30-minute 2-person interview opportunity by Action Takers Publishing

● In-person book signing event hosted by Patrina Wisdom

Get Connected

Grow your network by connecting with the other authors, the readers, and the Action Takers Publishing Community.

Writing your story

Helps you heal and grow

"If a story is in you, it has to come out."

William Falkner

Books Open Doors

Writing in a collaboration book is an opportunity that will open doors, and make you an authority in your space.

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