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Watch this informational video about how you can become a bestselling author in the upcoming book:

Anatomy of Abundance ™
A Conscious Guide To Redefining Your Relationship With Love, Sex & Money

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Anatomy of Abundance 2.png

Why Anatomy of Abundance?

Drawing upon the foundational principles established in Anatomy Of Abundance™ Volume One, Patrina Wisdom and her team of expert collaborators delve into the interconnected dynamics of love, sex, and money with unparalleled depth and clarity. Through a combination of research-backed insights, spiritual wisdom, and personal anecdotes, they offer readers a comprehensive roadmap for transcending scarcity and embracing abundance in every area of life.

Throughout the pages of "Anatomy of Abundance™ Volume Two," readers will encounter stories of resilience, courage, and triumph shared by individuals who have dared to rewrite their own narratives of love, sex, and money. These real-life experiences serve as beacons of inspiration, reminding us that true abundance is not just a destination but a way of being.

As readers immerse themselves in this profound exploration of abundance, they are invited to reflect on their own beliefs, behaviors, and desires, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. With each turn of the page, they are reminded that the power to create a life of abundance lies within their own hands—and that the journey toward true fulfillment begins with a single step.

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Author's Retreat 2023
Anatomy of Abundance

Book Launch Party 2024  

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You're Invited...

Anatomy of Abundance cover 2.jpg take part in an exciting book writing project. By contributing a chapter in this collaborative book, you will have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and share your unique ideas with a wider audience. Additionally, by being a member of the Action Takers Publishing community, you will be able to connect with other like-minded women and men, exchange feedback and support, and impact readers around the world.

With these amazing benefits and so much more, why wait any longer?


Building upon the success of "Anatomy of Abundance™ Volume One," Patrina Wisdom returns with an even more profound exploration of the intricate links between love, sex, and money. In this eagerly anticipated sequel, Wisdom dives deeper into the realms of abundance, spirituality, and personal transformation.


  • [Relational / Social]: Cultivating abundance in relationships and social connections

  • [Couples]: Monogamous or non-monogamous - together for a decade or more

  • [Spiritual]: Connecting with spiritual tools and principles to manifest abundance. Experts in sex magic, tantra, etc.

  • [LGBTQ+ Experts]: Education, awareness, and inclusion to elevate humanity as a whole

  • [Neurological - Brain]: Understanding the brain's role in creating abundance

  • [Psychological/Mental]: Cultivating an abundance mindset well-being

  • [Biological]: Nurturing sexual health and abundance 

  • [Physiological]: Balancing the body's energy for abundance and vitality

  • [Emotional]: Healing emotional blocks to unleash abundance

  • [Financial]: Strategies for understanding and overcoming the challenges of finance in relationships

  • [Generational]: Overcoming generational limitations to attain abundance



By joining this project, you will have an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, increase your visibility and influence by becoming a bestselling author, attract more of your ideal clients, and make a significant impact on readers who are seeking to unlock their own abundance potential.

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Professional Package

● In-person book signing event hosted by Patrina Wisdom

● Share your voice with the world as an Audible author

● Become a bestselling author

● Collaborate with like-minded authors

● 4,000-word chapter, 225-word bio, 5 paperback copies of the book, and marketing materials

● 30-minute 1:1 book marketing strategy call with Lynda Sunshine West

● Exclusive 30-minute interview opportunity by Action Takers Publishing

● Be part of the book promo party train

● Become an authority in your space and/or enhance/expand brand recognition

● Be part of the Action Takers Publishing Community

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Premium Package

Receive everything in the Professional Package

PLUS an Author's Retreat in Sunny California


The Premium Package is for those seeking the ultimate journey! 


  • An Exclusive Author's Retreat: Elevate your author journey at this incredible author retreat. Designed to inspire and connect, you will attend workshops, network and receive personalized mentoring with your fellow co-authors in a breathtaking setting. This is your chance to grow, learn, and bond with like-minded people who are making a positive impact on the planet.

  • Retreat Information:

    • Tentative Dates: October 11-14, 2024

    • Location: The Seabird Resort, 101 Mission Avenue, Oceanside Beach, California

    • Includes accommodations, meals and non-alcoholic beverages

The Retreat Venue

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Got Questions?

The curator, Patrina Wisdom, is available to answer your questions about the context of the book and to help you decide which chapter is the best fit for you. Every author will be vetted by Patrina and the selection process is dependent upon where you fit in the book. Watch the video above to see what most resonates with you.

The publisher, Lynda Sunshine West, is available to answer your questions and guide you through the registration process to join as an author.

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Get Connected

Grow your network by connecting with the other authors, the readers, and the Action Takers Publishing Community.

Writing your story

Helps you heal and grow

"If a story is in you, it has to come out."

William Falkner

Books Open Doors

Writing in a collaboration book is an opportunity that will open doors, and make you an authority in your space.

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