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Are you ready to share your story of trusting your intuition?

Watch this video for info on how you can join the ranks of other Wickedly Smart Women just like you.

Join the Vanguard of Visionaries in "Wickedly Smart Women" Volume 2

Embark on a Journey of Intuition, Action, and Transformation


In the heart of every woman lies a story brimming with the power of intuition, the courage of action, and the potential to transform worlds. "Wickedly Smart Women: Trusting Intuition, Taking Action, Transforming Worlds" Volume 2 is not just a book; it's a movement. It's where your voice, your story, and your wisdom converge with those of trailblazing women across the globe to create ripples of change.


Why This Book? Why Now?


In a world clamoring for authentic stories and genuine transformations, your narrative has the power to inspire, heal, and empower. You might wonder, "Is my story impactful enough?" or "Can I truly make a difference?" The answer is a resounding yes. Every journey of trust, action, and transformation carries within it the seeds of inspiration for countless others.

Check out what being in Volume 1 of
Wickedly Smart Women did for Debbie Peterson

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Are you ready to share your story in
Wickedly Smart Women volume 2?

Your Voice Matters

  • You may be thinking, "I'm not a writer." You don't need to be a seasoned author to share your truth. Our team at Action Takers Publishing is here to guide you through every step, ensuring your voice shines through.

  • You may believe that, "My story isn't groundbreaking." Every story of overcoming, every moment of intuition-led action, is a beacon for someone in the darkness. Your experience could be the key that unlocks someone else's prison.

  • You may be wondering how you'll be able to do it and thinking, "I'm too busy." We understand the whirlwind of daily life. That's why we've streamlined the process, offering support and strategies to weave your contribution into your bustling schedule seamlessly.


Transformative Benefits Await You

  • Connect and Grow: Join a vibrant community of like-minded women, expanding your network, and forging lasting bonds.

  • Heal and Inspire: Writing is not just about sharing; it's about healing. Dive deep into your own story to emerge stronger, offering hope to those who read your words.

  • Open Doors: From becoming an authority in your field to enhancing your brand, contributing to this book is a stepping stone to new opportunities.

  • Exclusive Opportunities: With packages designed to amplify your impact, from one-on-one marketing strategy sessions with Lynda Sunshine West to panel interviews and podcast features, your voice will echo far and wide.


Packages Tailored for You

  • Professional Package: Everything you need to share your story and make an impact, including a chapter in the book, marketing materials, an Amazon Author Page, exclusive interviews, and much more (see below for more details).

  • Premium Package: Elevate your journey with everything in the Professional Package PLUS a personalized video commercial, a special podcast segment, and comprehensive training to hone your presenting skills, ensuring you're ready to shine (see below for more details).


Are You Ready to Join the Movement?


This is more than an invitation to write; it's a call to step into your power, to join a community of women reshaping the future. If a story of intuition, action, and transformation pulses within you, it's time to let it out. It's time to join "Wickedly Smart Women Volume 2."


Click below to embark on this transformative journey.

Listen in as Anjel B Hartwell shares her experience working on volume 1 of Wickedly Smart Women

Join Anjel B Hartwell, host of the 13 times awarding winning global podcast, "Wickedly Smart Women," as she brings together some of the best and brightest women to share their stories of Trusting Intuition, Taking Action and Transforming Worlds. You are invited to share your wisdom with the world in this inspiring and motivational book.

This is a unique opportunity to make a greater impact and connect with other like-minded wickedly smart women.

Take advantage of this opportunity and join us as a contributing author in this book.

WSW2 cover2.png
Are you ready
to share your story in
Wickedly Smart Women Volume 2?

Get Connected

Grow your network by connecting with the other authors, the readers, and the Action Takers Publishing Community.

Writing your story

Helps you heal and grow

"If a story is in you, it has to come out."

William Falkner

Books Open Doors

Writing in a collaboration book is an opportunity that will open doors and make you an authority in your space.

What happens when I join an anthology book like Wickedly Smart Women volume 2?

When you join an anthology book, you join something truly special! Take your writing skills to the next level and craft an unforgettable chapter. The possibilities are endless - all that's left is for you to start writing and let us experience the world you create. What are you waiting for? Get started on your masterpiece today!

Author Testimonials
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Kathi Sohn Wickedly Smart Women 01.11.2023.png
Stacie Shifflett Wickedly Smart Women 1.11.2023.png

Choose your package and start writing today

Professional Package Plan

  • Be part of the Wickedly Smart Women Community

  • Be part of the Action Takers Publishing Community

  • Panel interview on the 13x award-winning Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

  • Exclusive panel interview opportunity with Action Takers Publishing

  • Interview opportunities on various podcasts and show​

  • 30-minute 1:1 book marketing strategy call with Lynda Sunshine West, Founder & CEO of Action Takers Publishing

  • Collaborate with like-minded authors

  • 3,000-word chapter, 225-word bio, and all marketing materials

  • Share your message with the world

  • Become an authority in your space and/or enhance/expand your brand recognition

  • Amazon Author Page

  • Be part of the book promo party train

Premium Package Plan

Everything in the Professional Package plus ...

  • Personalized video commercial

  • Exclusive 2-person episode segment on the Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

  • Pre-Launch Prospering with Presenting 75-Minute Training call (attend live or watch recording). Includes Q&A time with Author

  • “Prepped To Present” Virtual speaker packet checklist provided by Anjel B Hartwell

  • “Prepped To Present” Virtual Speaker Packet Template for setting up a virtual speaker packet for sending out to hosts provided by Anjel B Hartwell

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